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Introducing Chic Geek Business Boutique! Our unique coworking space is the perfect place to get inspired, network with other entrepreneurs, and make progress on your business goals. We have all the modern amenities and resources you need to thrive; from our virtual address service, to on-site technical support for basic needs.

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"Boutique Coworking Space Offers Exclusive Memberships - And More!"

We created The Business Boutique with a very personal mission. For us, it represented the hope of providing something to small businesses that will last beyond today—an infusion of fresh ideas and new perspectives geared toward their success. We saw a need in our community for spaces where entrepreneurs and business owners could come together to work, exchange ideas, learn from each other and even find support on basic technology issues. 

All too often, these same people feel isolated in their own start-ups or businesses due to lack of resources available to them. Many are unable to connect with mentors or specialized advisers who can give more specialized guidance without offering an expensive consultation service, which small businesses often cannot afford. 

The virtual address service allows entrepreneurs to have a space for their company without the overhead costs of an office, yet still be taken seriously by clients and partners.

And if that's not enough, we provide onsite support so that you never feel alone as you tackle basic business and technology needs. It's like having your own private team of professionals at your disposal!

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